I think about practice all day long. There is always something it is teaching me and helping me explore. I believe that anyone can have a creative practice, and I have so much enthusiasm to share from mine in hopes to help you grow in your own, and for us to grow together. I think it’s also important to use space to express universal struggles by cultivating conversation and transparency for mutual comfort.

Questions I will try to answer:

• What life lessons can a creative practice offer?

• What are ways to build and sustain creative practices that are low-risk, accessible, consistent, rhythmic and authentic?

• How can a creative practice like this serve as an underlying heartbeat that nourishes creativity, keeps you connected, and helps your art-making evolve and flourish?

• What helps us deepen, shift, and expand our practices?

• What does it mean for art-making to influence self-discovery and healing (and vice versa).

• What is the difference between what drives our personal creative practices and what we do for money (and where might these areas overlap)?

• How does meditation and other daily holistic practices and rituals positively influence a creative practice?

•  What do our creative blocks teach us? How can we learn from self-doubt, comparison, energetic blocks, and emotional fluctuations? How can we stay encouraged?

• How can we know and remember that anyone can have a creative practice, or shift and begin a new one?

Interested in going deeper?

For $5 a month, you can subscribe to receive my additional monthly guided experiments for creative practice. These are interactive experiments that anyone can do in any phase of their creative journey. I share guidelines for the experiment as well as some specific suggestions, and am open for Q&A. 

A little about me:

I am an artist and designer in southeast Michigan. Years into running my paper goods business Worthwhile Paper, I began to feel strongly that I needed a personal art practice not tied at all to product consumerism. My creative energy was lacking fullness in freedom, and I needed to create purely for the sake of by being, and for deeper inner exploration. I began to make abstract paintings as an endeavor for seeking, an outlet apart from my brand. It was very scary and positively uncomfortable at first, and still is. It is also continually expanding and deepening my perception of myself and the world.

I really want to share how personally meaningful a creative practice can be, and I want to guide others in creating and sustaining their own.

This project comes directly from the heart of my own evolving practice. I am not an expert in the field of art, but I am an expert observer in the field of my own awareness. My eagerness for seeking and understanding is influenced largely by my daily ashtanga yoga and meditation practice, my teachers, and ways I learn something new about myself and my patterns each time I allow myself to surrender to the present moment.

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